Going, Going: 2014 Wakefest Portraits Calendar

The Wakefield Portrait Calendar 2014 is on sale for half price, to clear out our remaining copies. It’s a Bargoon!


Yes, you have your digital calendars, but don’t you love writing in the little squares of that calendar hanging in the kitchen by the phone?


This calendar featuring portraits of locals, by local artists, in support of Wakefest, Wakefield’s festival of the arts, is available 1/2 price at Radisson Cafe, Wakefield General Store, The End of the Line boutique, Jamboree, Wakefield Library, and the Wakefield Mill.


February features Norma”s garden, a lovely rendition of Norma Geggie, as a garden fairy, surveying her beautiful poppies, on a glass jar containing poppy seed heads from that very garden, by artist, Owen Tuf. Many fun months ahead!