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STO Union Logo 180STO Union is a multidisciplinary company bringing together artists from a variety of mediums in the creation of new Canadian performance, live art, inter-active experiences, video and installations. STO Union has cultivated new forms and techniques, mixing mediums and processes, in order to reflect and respond to our evolving culture.  Founded in 1992 in Toronto by artistic director Nadia Ross, the company is currently managed by Ross and artistic producer Sarah Conn.  The company migrated to the Ottawa/Gatineau region in 2005.

Nadia Ross and collaborator Rob Scott work primarily out of the Farrellton Artists’ Space (PAF – FAS) in Farrellton, Quebec.  Sarah Conn works out of Ottawa, Ontario.  Together, they encourage a strengthening of relationship between artists from the larger region.

What Happened to the Seeker
Production Still: What Happened to the Seeker
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Production Still: Trophy

STO Union’s productions have premiered in Canada at established venues in Canada and abroad.  The company has engaged in national and international co-production arrangements, with such partners as Le Festival de Théâtre des Amériques (Montreal), Theater der Welt (Germany), Brut-Wien (Vienna, Austria) and the National Arts Centre (Ottawa), to name a few.   The company has presented its work at numerous international theatre festivals and venues, including: UCLA Live!  (Los Angeles, California); the National Arts Centre (Ottawa); The Rotterdamse Schouwburg  (Rotterdam, Netherlands); Kulturhuset (Stockholm, Sweden);  HebbelTheater (Berlin, Germany); Théâtres du Monde and FTA (Montréal, Canada); The Simple Life Festival (Berlin, Germany); Belfast Theatre Festival (Belfast, Ireland); Theater Regentes (The Hague,The Netherlands); The Hong Kong Festival (Hong Kong); The Melbourne International Theatre Festival (Melbourne, Australia);

WHat Happened tro the Seeker
Program Cover

Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels, Belgium); Vienna Festwochen (Vienna, Austria); Theater der Welt (Bonn, Germany); Mousonturm Kunstlerhaus (Frankfurt, Germany);

Production Still: 7 Important Things

Theatre Grand Junction (Calgary, Alberta); The Meteor Festival (Bergen, Norway); The Baltic Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia), to name some of the cities and venues we have presented in.  STO Union’s productions and its collaborators have won awards, including the Chalmers’ Award and Dora Award.

Nadia Ross 180Nadia Ross is the artistic director for STO Union, a company founded in 1992/93 and dedicated to the creation of new approaches to live performance.  Under her direction, the company presents original Canadian productions at festivals and venues around the world.  The company had its beginnings in Toronto, Canada.  The company had its international premiere at Montreal’s International Theatre Festival (FTA) and STO Union productions have since been presented in numerous countries including: Germany, Sweden, the United States, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Ireland and The Netherlands.  Nadia is a Dora and Chalmers’ award recipient.   She graduated from the University of Toronto and apprenticed in Europe before forming STO Union.   She currently lives in Wakefield, Quebec with partner Rob Scott and their two dogs.

On October 28, Nadia Ross was unanimously selected to win  Canada’s most prestigious Theatre award, the Siminovitch Prize.

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Rob Scott 180Rob Scott is a thirty-five year veteran of CBC television.  Rob retired from CBC Newsworld’s National Bureau, where he primarily worked for Newsworld’s ‘Power and Politics”.  Rob has worked on all aspects of television, including as a director, switcher, cameraman, and soundman for both local and national CBC, on television programs of all different genres.  He has been STO Union’s tech director and a creative collaborator on numerous productions since 2006.

Sarah Conn, STO Union Artistic Producer








Promo video for What Happened to the Seeker :


Selected Reviews from 2015.  Please visit for more info.

“If what Nadia Ross does isn’t theatre, then give me less theatre — and more of this stuff, whatever you want to call it… (Ross) is kind?of a Canadian, female, progressive, theatre person version of screenwriter legend Charlie Kaufman or even early days Woody Allen”  —Stephen Hunt (Calgary Herald)

“What Happened to the Seeker takes experimental performance to a new level”  —Justin Borrow (The Theatre Reader)

“I love how this piece got me to question, wonder, ponder, observe, be open to suggestion and appreciate.”  —Lynn Slotkin (The Slotkin Letter)

“What Happened to the Seeker … is the biggest and most successful risk in this year’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival”Jonas McLean (New Ottawa Critics)

“It would be easy to let the bitterness and quest for serenity disconnect and dismiss the culture as we find it. Instead the final words are the words of the future, spoken by the newer voices. This gesture is one of profound grace and hopefulness.  Exactly as expected from STO Union – grace and hope where none might be predicted.”  —Jacob Zimmer (Small Wooden Shoe)

“…Everything shifts.  It takes only a few seconds for us to become captivated by her voice, her undeniable presence.” —Lucie Renaud (Revue Jeu)

“What Happened to the Seeker shows us a high level of originality on the level of form.  The presentation surprises and succeeds in arousing our curiosity on the path that Nadia Ross has followed.”
—Genevieve Germain.  (

“The show is a bit like a warm, friendly hug and a reminder that peace can be found among the chaos and that it’s okay to lie down for a little while but eventually, you just have to keep going. “   —Diane Lachapelle (Apt 613)

Production Still: What Happened to the Seeker