Donate to PAF

Place des artistes de Farrellton is seeking partnerships.

We have been working with the municipality of La Peche, and the MRC des Collines de l’Outaouais to enliven an empty building, and create a functional and accessible place for the creation and appreciation of art in our region.

There has been increasing government support for cultural development in the  MRC des Collines de l’Outaouais. PAF’s venue and unique centre of creation and development, is an integral part of putting this region on the map as a cultural destination.

Partnerships from the community and beyond will contribute to PAF’s continued access to government aid in the flourishing of the arts and its economy.

Why not become an integral partner in the development of a strong artistic economy and contribute to a vibrant and healthy culture? It is what identifies and reflects the meaning of our society.

Become a partner by:

1. Donating to PAF – donations, both monetary and in kind, to PAF will go into the continued infrastructure improvements that make the facility more user friendly for both the artists and the public. With all the improvements to the facility comes programing. Support for PAF will also contribute to special projects and events involving the community, locally, nationally and internationally. PAF donations are tax deductible within the Province of Quebec.
2. Shared Projects – As an artist or a cultural organization, when applying for funding it is important to show that you are supported by partners. We may be the perfect partner to provide support and visibility to your projects.

To discuss ways you can contribute or form a partnership with us, please email Hannah Ranger or Stephanie Hill