Maureen Marcotte

Maureen Marcotte

Since earning a BA in Visual Arts and a BA in education, Maureen has worked as a studio potter for 35 years. With the exception of occasionally giving workshops and classes, Maureen and her partner/husband David McKenzie  have made their living as working potters. Since 2001, they have run Galerie McKenzie Marcotte  in Wakefield Quebec where they sell their porcelain pottery.

Throughout the majority of her career, Maureen has used wax resist and underglaze colours on high fired porcelain fired in electric kilns to apply layered patterns to the forms. She has been inspired by textiles and fiber techniques: Persian carpets, Fair Isle knitting patterns, batiks from around the world.

Recently, Maureen has begun to experiment with slip casting and new glazes based on the local Leda clay in the Gatineau Hills.

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Below are two Galleries of Maureen Marcotte’s work. To see the descriptions, move your cursor. To enlarge the photos click on any one.

Gallery 1:  Wheel thrown or slab built porcelain pottery, decorated with wax resist and underglaze colours.


Gallery 2:  Late 2014 and 2015: New slip cast, slab built and wheel thrown porcelain. New glazes, some using local Leda clay.