Marie-Pierre Drolet

About the artist

Native of the countryside, in Outaouais, province of Quebec, Marie-Pierre grew up within a family in which arts were a part of the daily life. She learned ceramic from her father, who was a potter, and continued her exploration during her studies in visual arts, and through personal self-study and experimentation. During the summer 2016, she learned Korean techniques with Master Lee Kang-Hyo at Alfred University, New York.

She’s mostly inspired by the power and beauty of nature, inexhaustible source of mystical experiences. The authenticity of this life in nature can be also found in the direct contact with the material, their transformation, and the magical alchemy of seeing them become usual objects.

Marie-Pierre lives a few minutes from the village of Wakefield, in an old school house. 

“Through visual and tactile experiences, I aim to connect the viewer or user of my pieces with the natural forces that exist in matter and with the power of alchemy which is at work during the process of the creation of ceramics. Through this process, the clay, the water, the fire, the glazes and the air interact in a way to create microcosms wherein elements become tangible and the cosmos, the ocean, the volcano and even vegetation can be imprinted onto a cup or a sculpture, and their power be transmitted to the public.”

Marie P. Drolet

(819) 598-3161 Wakefield, Qc