Diane Lemire

Diiane Lemire

Diane Lemire is a multidisciplinary artist  who lives in Chelsea, QC and works from her studio in Farrellton, QC.  A graduate from the University of Ottawa in Visual Art and Education, her full-time artistic practice has spanned 15 years, and includes Land Art, Installation, international exhibitions, as well as teaching her love for textiles.

Initially focusing on the sculptural form, specifically poured concrete forms embedded with found objects, Diane has since 2007 devoted her practice to the material of felt. In this transition from hard to soft materials, her interest in the found object has remained a constant. Diane integrates a variety of objects into felt, such as dolls, beads, glass, bones, pottery, money, thimbles, parts of tools, and vintage clothing. The story of these recycled materials reflect her heritage. She is represented by Galleries LaPai, Ottawa and The General, Almonte. “Diane teaches classes by request”.

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 Haliburton School of the Arts (Fleming College)

Diane Lemire is the  recipient of a grant from The Ontario Arts Council

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Gallery 1: Scarves − Made of Fine Merino Wool and Found Objects





Gallery 2: Felted and Painted Dolls



Gallery 3: Mixed Media Painting and Works in Progress


Gallery 4: Scarves made of wool, silk, and silk fabric