Video: Regional Contact visits PAF-FAS

How it all started. The Regional Contact video about our Studios. It runs about two and a half minutes. Used with permission.

Here it is: how we came to be, on CTV’s Regional Contact, narrated by Joel Haslam.

Interviews with Hannah Ranger and Nathalie Poirier. Also appearing: Kathryn Drysdale and Stephanie Hill.


Regional Contact visits PAF-FAS

Video used with Permission.

The Low Down on PAF-FAS

Here is Melanie Scott’s editorial about PAF-FAS that we like to read; we hope you do, too.

In case you missed it, here is the editorial (posted with permission) by Melanie Scott in the June 11 edition of the LowDown Online.

LowDown Editorial June 11, 2014

Courtesy The Low Down to Hull & Back News

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