Exhibition: John Barkley at Galerie St-Laurent + Hill

John Barkley’s Exhibition, “Bridges” – June 4 – 17, 2015 at Galerie St-Laurent + Hill




John Barkley
Bridges – Exhibition 2015

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 Galerie St-Laurent + Hill is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Wakefield artist John Barkley.

A bridge helps you get from one place to another usually over some kind of impediment or obstacle. Thus one avoids letting a strong current, a deluge, or a busy road impede or alter your stride, your direction, and even your travel. Sometimes thoughtful words, inspiring music, and visual imagery can be our bridge to a better place. Often that place is a knowing silence deep inside.

A bridge can also join places that are separated, and in doing, so brings people, and perhaps their ideas together. Many voices can then be united in conversation, thanks and even, song.

As a young painter that first bridge was the landscape, and with my father’s help I learned to see it and paint it. Years later I studied abstract painting with Catherine Everett and began to see the essence of images as line, colour and form. I began to understand abstract painting and experiment with it, attempting to investigate its possibilities. As I become more acquainted with abstraction my own visual language began to emerge and evolve and I adopted an intuitive, almost spiritual, approach to painting, “my Inscape”.

Today, I am known as both a landscape and abstract painter. Both genres feed each other and are essentially the evidence of a seekers’ inquiry into life’s biggest questions. With this new body of work there is a venture into more overt symbolism. The imagery is more directly aligned with the archetypal vocabulary of humanity. In other words, imagery found in various spiritual and artistic traditions is kind of “dredged up” and used in my own way. It is the visual expression of my own journey towards holistic self-realization and development. It is my wish that in some way the works will function as a bridge for others helping them on their own journey and ultimately contributing to their personal well-being.

John Barkley “Bridges”

June 4 – 17, 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015    5 – 8 pm


John Barkley, Bridge, 48×60 in, oil on canvas, 2015


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