Wakefield Knitting Retreat

Knitters’ delight: meet, learn, create!


SEPT 26-28


Sign up for the whole weekend or one or more workshops.
Contact: Maureen Marcotte 819-459-3164
Yarn Dyeing (morning or afternoon) instructor Kathryn Drysdale
In this workshop you will learn how to create fabulous painted yarn with professional acid dyes. The colours you can achieve are brilliant and endless! Acid dyes use citric acid, which is a food safe acid. You will learn to paint multi-coloured yarn, and kettle dye using common kitchen tools, like a crock-pot.
Cabling Without a Cable Needle (morning or afternoon)
instructor Julie Nanadorfy
Cabling without a cable needle is not magic.  You will learn to become a speedy cable knitter. There may be some pinching involved, but only of your stitches, not body parts.
Buttonholes, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (morning)

instructor Julie Nandorfy

We will look at different types of button bands, ribbed, garter, seed stitch, knit at the same time as the sweater, picking up stitches etc. and the pros and cons of each. There will be lots of examples and a little bit of homework before you come. If there is time during the workshop, we will also look at buttonholes. If not, there will be handouts and time in the weekend for those who are interested.