Workshops: Felt Making with Hannah Ranger

Come experience sculpting with wool. Create hand felted art that can be functional and wearable too! Felt Maker, Hannah Ranger, teaches on going workshops, exploring a variety of techniques, for all levels.


Felting Workshop
Felting Workshop
Felting on Wednesdays

HR: I give on-going workshops in Feltmaking, teaching a variety of techniques. People leave my workshops with hand made items such as scarves, bags, hats, mitts, tea cozies, place mats, wall hangings, toys. There are many possibilities when sculpting with wool.

HR: I offer 5 hour long workshops on weekends, once or twice a month, next one will be on the 23rd of Feb. and is almost full already. The cost is $50 plus materials which ranges depending on the project, between $4 – $40 (approximately).I also offer studio sessions which is a commitment of 4 afternoons, Tuesdays from 12-3pm.  The next session begins February 25th. $125.00 pays for the 4 sessions and again materials are extra and you just pay for what you use.  There is usually room on Tuesday afternoons for drop ins, the cost is $35 + materials.

HR: I have a wide array of colours and variety of fibers to work with. My studio is fully equipped with all the tools needed. I accommodate 6 people comfortably and need a minimum of 4 people to run a workshop. I will put on workshops by request, and am happy to do birthday parties and other types of events where the group would like a hands on creative project. I can travel to the event or the clients can come to me. Certain types of beginner or group projects can be facilitated for large groups as well.

HR: I will be offering workshops on making clothing, these will be 2 day workshops, and limited to 2 participants. The cost would be $250.00 plus materials. In this workshop participants learn how to measure, design, and create patterns, create the textile for the garment and produce/sculpt and finish the garment. A student could make a jacket, dress, vest, poncho, skirt or some other item.

HR: To participate in any of my workshops or to request a workshop or feltmaking at an event, contact me at, 819-459-3571


Hannah Ranger


Studio News talks to Artist Hannah Ranger

SN: How can interested people contact you to get started?

SN:  Do you offer other specialized workshops?

SN: What kinds of things can you do?

SN: When are your workshops, and what kinds of costs are involved?

SN: Hannah, any time we visit your studio in Ferrallton, the place is pretty busy. What is going on?

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A few examples to get you thinking about adding rich felt fabrics to your life.

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